Janus Road Club

Janus Road Club

April 2021 Cycling Shorts

Welcome to our new site... like all good projects and bike builds it's a work in progress but we wanted to get the April edition on line before the end of April.

If you are new to the site and would like to join the club and you live in the Tameside or Manchester Area (or anywhere in the country for that matter) please get in touch, as the name suggests we are mainly a road club but have members who race in club colours on the track as well.

Club Subs

April 2021

Thank you if you have already paid this years subs. Please make payment as per the following if you still need to pay, club members should see the individual newsletter for details on how to pay.

• Senior £12.00
• Under 18’s £5.00
• Social £5.00


Items for sale

April 2021

  • 2 Skin suit L £45.00
  • 1 Short sleeve top ¾ zip M £34.00
  • 1 Short sleeve top L £42.50
  • 1 Ankle socks white/red JRC One Size £7.00

Club History

The Janus was formed in 1953. Following repeated attempts by the founder members whilst in another club to have ladies accepted into that club, and in spite of the passing of a resolution to allow this, opposition was such that the proposal was reversed. The 9 founder members of the Janus eventually felt that their only way forward was to resign en masse and start a club of their own...

Janus is a Roman god and Apollo was thought to be a Greek god. However it appears that Apollo was both! Quote: ’Apollo is one of the most important and complex of the Olympian deities in classical Greek and Roman religion and mythology’.

Janus Road club is based in Tamesisde, close to the borders of Cheshire and Derbyshire, our club rides frequently vist both these areas.

Club Rides and Meetings

Club meetings are currently suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions. Rides, please check the British Cycling webapge for the most up to date guidence on riding in groups.

We hope to resume both club meetings and rides as soon as possible.

Club Ride


Details will appear here when avaivable.

Club Meeting


Details will appear here when avaivable.


Hooray! CTT events have restarted. And as of 29th March, British Cycling affiliated club and recreation programme rides (HSBC UK Breeze, Guided Rides and Ride Social) will be able to take place in groups of up to 15, yes 15. These rides will be subject to a series of Covid mitigation measures, such as …
• test and trace protocols
• one metre social distancing whilst riding
• two metre social distancing while not riding
(More details can be found in The Way Forward on British cycling web site)


Look forward to


Each month Nick adds some cycling related words of wisdom.


Originator in brackets.

  • “One of the most important days of my life, was when I learned to ride a bike” (Michael Palin)
  • “It’s not the falling off that hurts, it’s the landing” Nick Haining after club ride 14th March (Ouch!)
  • “Light – Strong – Cheap … pick two” (Keith Bontrager)
  • Quotes


    “Four wheels move your body; two wheels move your soul” –N Miller (02-21)
    “The older I get the faster I was” – P Webb(02-21)
    “It’s only a hill, get over it” – T Badger(02-21)


    Please get in touch if you would like to borrow any of the following books …:


    April 2021

    • 1. Continental Cycle Racing N G Henderson
    • 2. 12 Champions P Whitfield
    • 3 Cycle Sport P Konopka
    • 4 My Nineteenth Tour De France J B Wadley
    • 5 French Revolutions Cycling The Tour De France T Moore
    • 6 The Official Tour De France Centennial 1903-2003 None
    • 7 Legends Of The Tour J Cleijne
    • 8 Migual Indurain Cycle Sport None
    • 9 1988 Tour De France P Liggett
    • 10 Stephen Roche The Agony And The Ecstasy D Walsh
    • 11 Roule Britannia W Fotheringham
    • 12 Cyclo Pedia It’s All About the Bike W Fotheringham


    April 2021

  • 13 Champion On Two Wheels H Porter
  • 14 End To End Cycle Route N Mitchell
  • 15 Watching The Wheels Go Round (Autobiography) Barry Hoban
  • 16 Three Weeks Eight Seconds N Tassell
  • 17 The Mountain Biking Handbook B Ricketts
  • 18 A History Of Manchester Wheelers Club 1883-1983 T M Barlow, J Fletcher, R Harris, G Pearson
  • 19 Cycling In The Sixties D Saunders
  • 20 Stephen Roche My Road To Victory S Roche
  • 21 The Fastest Man On Two Wheels In Pursuit Of Chris Boardman & P Liggett
  • 22 Tour De France G Fife
  • 23 Victoria Pendleton Between The Lines D McRae
  • 24 On Tour B Wiggins
  • Books

    April 2021

    • 25 Cycling Classics 1970-1972 N G Henderson
    • 26 Ultimate Bicycle Book R Ballantine, R Grant
    • 27 The Great Races E Merckx, L Michaux
    • 28 Northern Road Records Association 100 Years 1890-1990 Kelly D Walsh
    • 29 Yorkshire Road Cyclists H Taylor
    • 30 Where There’s A Wheel C Messenger
    • 31 The Autobiography Sir Chris Hoy
    • 32 Heroes, Villains & Velodromes' Sir Chris Hoy & R Moore
    • 33 An Intimate Portrait of the Tour de France P Brunel
    • 34 Tour de France, A Hundred Years of the Worlds Greatest Cycle RaceM Lazell
    • 35 The Official Tour de France Centennial 1903 - 2003 Weidenfeld & Nicolson
    • 36 Racing Through the Dark – the Fall and Rise of David Millar & J Whittle

    March Quiz Answers

    1. Who in 2011 became the first Australian to win the Tour? CADEL EVANS

    2. Who won the best young rider competition in 2008, 2009, and 2010? ANDY SCHLECK

    3. Which British rider wore yellow in 1994, 1997, and 1998? CHRIS BOARDMAN

    4. The 2013 Tour featured how many team time trials? ONE

    5. Which Spaniard won the race five times between 1991 and 1995? MIGUEL INDURAIN

    6. The Tour’s team competition is decided by adding together the times of the top how

    many riders from each team? THREE

    7. Which Frenchman has won the King of the Mountains competition the most times? RICHARD VIRENQUE

    8. Who was the first non-European to win the Tour? GREG LEMOND

    9. In which year did the Tour de France take place for the first time? a) 1903, b) 1913, c) 1923

    10. How many teams took part in the 2013 Tour? a) 20, b) 21, c) 22

    April Quiz Questions

    1. What colour jersey is worn by the leader of the Giro d’Italia?

    2. The Schlek brothers are from which country?

    3. Which divided city hosted the start of the 1987 tour de France?

    4. In which mountain range is the Col Du Tourmalet?

    5. Who was the first Canadian to win a Grand Tour?

    6. Who was the first British rider to wear the leaders’ jersey at the tour de France?

    7. Laurent Fignon finished second in the 1989 Tour de France riding a bike made by which British manufacturer?

    8. Which Irishman won a hat-trick of Tour de Romandie titles in 1983, 1984 and 1987?

    9. Which Tour de France competition was originally called the Grand Prix Cinquentenaire?

    10. Who was the first German to win the Tour de France?

    Northern Road Records Association


    The following is a section taken from this book, and some of our great club members included. “At the 1948 AGM, F E Bingham spoke of the need for new clubs and private members. Fine words indeed, endorsed enthusiastically by everyone, but deeds spoke louder than words and what was badly needed was an attempt on a record. There was not long to wait, for on August 13th/14th, 1949, B Hudson broke the 24-hour single bicycle record. There was a delay whilst some mileages were checked, but eventually it was passed at 419 ¼ miles. This attempt was what was needed to rouse interest, and so it did, for shortly afterwards W Clayton and L Cooke made a successful attack on the 50-mile tandem record. They used the Bowes Moor course and recorded a creditable 1.46.55. Again there was a need to check measurements, in this case because traffic islands had been installed at Scotch Corner and Broroughbridge. The extra distance was 180 yards, leading to the realisation that, because of the developing road works since the war, there was going to be a need to measure all of the courses which had first been used before 1939.”

    February 2021


    Sunday 10th Jan (Pete Williams)

    After the new lockdown rules came into play, it was prudent to only ride in pairs (Noah’s Ark style!), so when I turned up at the Rising Sun, Andy S was the only other member there apart from Barry who had only turned up to wish us Happy New Year and tell us that he had recovered from COVID (great news) and was going straight back home. We set off heading to Siddington via our usual route past Mottram Hall, climbing up through Over Alderley where we had to dismount to scramble past a road-block where they were laying new gas mains, then Henbury and then up onto Pexhill for a nice run downhill with nice views of the snowy scenery, where we decided to look-in at Redesmere just incase the Burger Van was there, as we thought he might not be there due to the new lockdown rules. But he was there so we stopped for a quick coffee, and it was then that Andy realised that the bumpy rear wheel he was complaining about was a puncture, so at least if you are going to have a flat you can sort it out whilst having a coffee! When the puncture was fixed Nick and Rob P turned up and ordered coffee and burgers, so seeing as Andy and I were ready to leave (and to comply with COVID rules of course!) we set off home via Congleton Lane which was rather treacherous due to packed snow down the middle of the lane! And then home via Chelford, Alderley and Wilmslow. As we were about to part company Andy had puncture number two! (I will probably be riding solo now until March, COVID and all that!)

    Sunday 17th Jan (Nick Haining)

    Rob P and I set off towards Wilmslow where shortly after we bumped in to Pete Skelton. On we went to Redesmere where thankfully the ‘T’ Wagon was dutifully waiting. Quite a full house here as we bumped in to Bob G and a friend, Pete W had been and gone, and then Colin P arrived. After a much needed tea and ‘steakwich’ we set off back via Henbury where we met Martin L. Then via Mottram & Poynton home. Great to see so many of us out and about. Cycle on The Janus.


    1. Up to 2013, how many times had the Tour de France started in the UK? Once
    2. Alberto Contador joined which team in 2011? Saxo-Tinkoff
    3. Which was the only Australian team to take part in the 2013 Tour de France? Miguel Indurain
    4. In 1992, who became the first winner of the Vélo d’Or awarded to the year’s best cyclist? Laurent Fignon
    5. Which British rider won Paris-Nice in 2012? Sir Bradley Wiggins
    6. The Tour de Romandie is a stage race that takes please in which country? Switzerland
    7. Who was awarded the overall yellow jersey in the 2006 Tour de France after disqualification of the original winner? Oscar Pereiro
    8. Lance Armstrong was stripped of how many Your de France titles for doping offences? A) five, B) six, C) seven
    9. What type of cake is also a famous Alpine climb? A) Bourbon, B) Madeline, C) Stollen


    1. In which year did the 100th Tour- de France take place?
    2. What is the name of the 20-km long parade that precedes the riders on each stage of the Tour?
    3. What name is given to the person in last place in the Tour de France?
    4. What is the highest category of climb on the Tour?
    5. Who is the only Irish rider to have won the Tour?
    6. The Tour de France finishes each year on which famous thoroughfare?
    7. At the Tour de France, each team starts with how many riders?
    8. The 2013 Tour started on which island for the first time?
    9. Which 40-year-old German was the oldest rider in the 2012 Tour?
    10.What is the maximum age for a rider to be eligible for the White Jersey competition?


    Janus Road Club


    Articles of intrest from out back isuues will appear here......


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